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Read the Story

Read the Story

Written words from out in the wild, the everyday, and everything else that comes from a life away from the crowds.

See the Story

See the Story

There are some things that happen that you honestly could not write.


Watch the stories that come from seeking the quietest places, including urbexes, hiking, and our adventures on two wheels.

Be the story

Be the Story

Coming Soon...

About Us

Welcome to our world of wilderness, occasional humour and a life away from the crowds. 


Living with social anxiety, we’ve spent many years in our quest for solitude which has taken us to the back and beyond. We’ve found ourselves crawling through hedges, climbing through holes, hiding in trees and clambering around boggy moorland whilst wandering off the beaten track. 


Here in Pembrokeshire, we are just a stone's throw away from beaches and coastal paths as well as the lesser known places that don’t tend to make it into the travel guides. It’s a beautiful place to live and many of our stories take place here at home, as well as further afield. 


All of these stories have come from the life we have sought. We know that social anxiety can create all sorts of barriers, but it’s also resulted in some wild and incredible moments that we would never have experienced without it. It’s one of the great things that come from a life of avoiding people. You have to think outside the box, do weird things often at weird times, and when you find yourself in the middle of a hedge covered in thorns or halfway down a sheer mud bank thinking, ‘I wonder if anyone else lives like this?’, it brings a lot of fun, novelty and unexpected moments.


No day is the same, every one of these events brings a new story, be it hiking, cycling or crawling into an urbex.

We hope you enjoy our stories and they bring you some light relief from this wild world that we live in.

L & J

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