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Our Mission

ASW is a space for anyone and everyone who has ever felt different or unable to fit into wider society. It’s about all of us coming together.

We aim to challenge and change attitudes surrounding social anxiety, introversion and neurodiversity, raising awareness that being quiet and solitary or just a 'bit different' is not a problem. It's part of the diverse landscape that we all share.

Our mission is to form a movement of change, one which raises awareness about life with social anxiety, challenges social norms and embraces the online world.


There are three core areas to our mission.

  • Raise awareness of the attention economy that we are all a part of.

  • Challenge the perception that digital life is separate from non-digital life.

  • Spark discussions surrounding online behaviours that are rarely talked about.

  • Build an online community that embraces the power of diversity and inclusion for those who are unable to take part in face to face activities.

There are three key ways that you can support us:

1. Spread the word about ASW. Help us to increase our visibility by connecting with us on social media.

2. Come and collaborate with us through creativity, discussion and more.  Get in touch here for more information.

3. Shop for Aunty Social World merchandise - Every item bought from our Etsy shop helps us continue our campaign for a more inclusive social more.

4. Donate to our fund.


Campaigning to change the world doesn't come cheap - it's often those with the biggest pockets who have the loudest voices. We want to change that and level the playing field for us all.

Dontate £10 or more and recieve a set of Aunty Social World stickers.

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