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2022: End the year with this one simple thing.

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

It’s the morning of New Year’s Eve. I’ve woken up with all sorts of thoughts running through my mind, reflecting on everything that has happened over this last year.

And what a year 2022 has been. We’ve gone from a pandemic crisis to a cost of living crisis, to personal struggles and personal endings. It’s not all been bad, but when we live in such times it can be difficult to see beyond the immediate difficulties that we face. We tend to hold onto the things that really hurt us, which can prevent us from seeing the happy moments.

So what I would love for you to do once you have read this, is a simple thing. Look back through the photos you have taken this year.

I recently did this for our end of year review blog over on Made in Pembs. It’s amazing how a picture can reframe how you feel.

Here are some of my own personal favourites…


A monochrome image of a lone horse walking into some woodlands

Wild horses

A photo taken beneath some trees

Somewhere in Bath

A black and white photo of a woodland trail

The woodlands are our hideout

A photo of a man standing on an embankment overlooking vast scenery. Old Sarum

Visiting Old Sarum

A black and white close up image of a donkey

Meeting Ruby: I’ve adopted Ruby for two years now. I finally got to meet her this year.

A screenshot of a tweet.

One of our many road trips.

A black and white shot of some peacock feathers

It got this close..

A black and white selfie of two people with a drum behind them

My brother’s wedding. We watched their vows from a storage cupboard.

A black and white photo taken from a boat which shows wind turbines on the shore.

The boat trip. There was only one this year, say no more..

A black and white photo of two bikes in a field

Cycling is our sanctuary. Can’t wait to get back out in ’23..

A black and white selfie of a man and a women, with hills in the background

In the heatwave. We went inland in hope that it would be cooler and quieter..

A monochrome image of a woman with a hark tattoo wearing a jumper that says 'Taylor Hawkins LA + London 2022'

Saying goodbye to Taylor. I have this tattoo in his honour.

Through Taylor’s legacy, I found Rush.

So that’s a few of my favourites, all sorts of emotions but it’s good to look back in this way. It’s been a tough year, but not all bad.

So, now it’s your turn. Go and do this one simple thing. Check back through your photos and see how many memories you have made.

Solidarity for 2023 x

All photos are property of Laura Barrett ©2022, Jon Thrower ©2022 and Aunty Social World ©2022.


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