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A winter’s day..

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The blog post I’m sharing tonight isn’t what I had planned, but it’s been such a nice day. I think that it’s good to acknowledge that when we live in such cold and difficult times. It actually started in a onesie (does anyone even wear them anymore?).

Today we walked, talked and enjoyed the more gentle routine that we’ve now found for ourselves. Since I stepped back from some big life commitments last week, it’s been such a relief to find time for ourselves again. It’s nice to have space to think.

Usually, I would be sharing edited shots on Twitter but it seems a bit broken right now. I’ve realised of late that you don’t have to be perfect, nor do you need to perform. So here they are in blog form, unedited, fresh and just there in the moment…

Enjoy x

Always hiding from something or someone..

A bit last season..

Tall trees

It started snowing seconds after this was taken..

This was an interaction I could handle..

If you made it to the end and want to watch some of the walk (without talk), look no further..


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