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Cycling in Glencoe: It wasn't what we expected...

Last month we went on a long-awaited trip to the Scottish Highlands. For the first time ever we took the bikes and saw Scotland in a way that we’d never seen it before. What follows is what happened as we rode in one of Scotland’s most sought-after places, the mystical Glencoe. What we found there was beautiful but far beyond what we had expected.

An image of a road bike taken from the perspective of the road, surrounded by snow topped mountains.

This was one ride, and one part of an entire story. A story that began as a road trip with strangers, took us through chapters of unexpected encounters, incidents, emotions, at times fear and outright shock, and in the end, an entirely different place from where we’d started out.

You’ll find many videos and stories about Glencoe online, but there’s only one that tells something unique. A story that goes beyond the photographs and the films. A tale that tells the raw truth of our personal experiences; the good, the bad, the things that scared us and the things that pissed us off. Glencoe is a dreamworld, but like all places of this world, there is more than meets the eye of its dream. At least that’s what we found.

So, without further ado, sit back and enjoy the ride. This is our story of Glencoe.


Life is wild enough before we even venture out of the door. That's why me and J seek quiet places and share our stories about them. We all need an escape from this world.

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