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Digital daze (Poem)

Days are long

Nights are short

Racing minds

Passing thought

All of us trying

To find our way

Some of us void of the right words to say

We want to be seen

Finally understood

But so many of us are hidden

In this great flood

So many voices

Remain unheard

All of us trying to crack this blue bird

Twitter dismissed us

But still we remain

Algorithms deserted us

Anonymity came

Stole our voices

Our words and our wit

Yet we’re still waiting to get our hit

Just a moment

To be seen

To connect and move forward

Or just chasing a dream

No shame in chasing

When lives are thrawt

Because life is survival

And change is sought

We all need something

To bring us away

An economy of attention

Paves the way

For those less advantaged

It's a thing of hope

But fuck it’s exhausting

They wouldn’t cope

Those who need it

Aren’t here just for fun

It’s work and survival

A battle unwon

Yet try we do

In this digital mire

Because one day we might be on fire

Until that comes

We tweet and tweet

And treasure the friends who crack us up when we meet

What happens here is real

We build it together

There will always be days of stormier weather

Online no different

At times it’s shit

But together we are standing

We seem a good fit

So next time you feel alone online

If you want or need to, come back to this rhyme

You may feel alone

But it isn’t true

There are so many of us out there just like you.


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